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Transformation - Net to 3D


The new concept of Klikko Transforming Flexinetsadds an extra dimension to the world of Math manipulatives, providing Schools with an exciting new Teaching Aid that not only offers quick easy construction & transformation, but also a stimulating Math activity.

'Flexinets' is not presented as a new teaching system - rather to be used to supplement your existing system to improve student achievement through quicker learning. In many cases this results from higher motivation of the less academic, through interest creation.

Transforming Pyramids
Transforming Pyramids

The Teachers Guide has been written with a 'Keep it Simple' philosophy, which should ensure that all Math Teachers will be able to follow the Lessons with ease.

Simple geometric definitions are provided with each Lesson, to ensure that Students have the best opportunity to learn both the vocabulary, and the meanings, as an integral part of the lesson. The Lessons have questions to test the understanding, and there are also some problems to solve. We have provided you with the Answers, in the back of the book.

Each Lesson states the number of components that each Student will require, (or Student Group where they are working in groups).

Cross references to the appropriate pages in the NCTM 'Principles and Standards for School Mathematics' are included.

There is an overlying theme of interlinking between the Lessons to retain meaning and continuity in the knowledge growth.

Visualising FractionsVisualising FractionsVisualising Fractions

Visualising Fractions

There are a range of Klikko Kits available for different size Groups. There is also a special Teachers Kit available which is designed for Teachers to demonstrate Math models to Students. This Kit is also popular with Home School parents. The base shapes included are triangles, squares, pentagons, and hexagons. From the base shapes you can create the rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid and combinations, plus a wide range of 3D shapes including pyramids & prisms. The unique flexi connectors enable transformation with or without partial dismantling, allowing easy conversion of shapes whilst studying relationships between the variables of perimeter, area, and volume, (Measurement), as well as the formation of nets of geometric shapes.


Unique Rotational Connectors - allowing simple & quick construction, and then quick transformation.

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