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Since Klikko first established itself as an 'in demand' Teaching Aid of value to Schools, we have received the following very positive comments from our customers - Principals and Teachers, and School District Math Supervisors -

Klikko"The best tool for displaying what happens with area when perimeter is held constant through a range of shape changes."

"Nothing better for displaying the value of the concept of 'decompose & recompose' when calculating areas and volumes of complex 2D and 3D shapes."

"Klikko has changed Math for many of our students from an uninteresting and difficult subject, to one of enjoyment and intrigue - the resulting improvement in achievement has been outstanding."
"The fastest and simplest way of giving students a good understanding of 3D shapes, and their 2D profiles."

"Klikko gives an opportunity for students to learn quickly about the attributes of 3D shapes, which no other Teaching Aid has been able to do. The strong interest creation is a valuable bonus."

Special Education
"We love Klikko - it has given many of our students at all levels a new interest in Math, through introducing a construction Kit that offers a wide range of academic applications."

"We find Klikko's educational value excellent both in formal Curricula Applications, and informally for use in creative free time."

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